The Company



The year the company began operations in San Francisco’s Sunset District. At the time, there were only five employees.

The number of BiRite trucks that deliver between 35,000 and 40,000 cases of products to customers around the Bay Area every day.



The total number of restaurants, caterers, hotels, delis, businesses and universities BiRite services.

The square footage of BiRite’s current facility in Brisbane, California. It is nearly 20 times the size of the 12,000-square-foot warehouse the company had when it was founded 50 years ago.


The number of employees currently working for this third-generation family business.


The number of items BiRite carries in stock, with a superior industry standard fill rate of more than 99.7 percent.


Headquartered in Brisbane, California, BiRite Foodservice Distributors is your complete foodservice resource. As the preferred distributor for many local restaurants, caterers, universities and hotels, we deliver the products you need directly to your front door.

Since 1966, BiRite has been synonymous with outstanding service, efficiency, and innovation. BiRite is committed to providing our customers with quality products, timely deliveries and competitive pricing.

At BiRite, we believe in the strength of both nationally branded products and locally sourced offerings. Our wide selection of brands and products helps build customer loyalty and trust, which are essential to your business’s growth and prosperity.

While BiRite originally began as a two-man operation by John and Victor Barulich over 52 years ago, we have grown to be the 30th largest independent foodservice distributor in the nation, employing more than 300 people. Our leadership team, composed of Barulich family members and foodservice executives from diverse backgrounds, is accomplished and experienced in running this dedicated organization.

BiRite Celebrating 50 Years Editorial
This year, BiRite Foodservice celebrates our 50th anniversary. Over the decades, BiRite has become a leading foodservice distributor – yet the company has not lost its family feel.