Bill Barulich

Bill Barulich, CEO

Bill’s leadership is instrumental in the continuation of BiRite’s family-based business values and objectives. With over forty years of experience within the company, Bill works hard to give BiRite a successful future.

Steve Barulich

Steve Barulich, President

With over 35 years of service, Steve sets the standard for customer care. Steve has firmly established BiRite’s reputation for excellence and infallible service.

Aaron Barulich

Aaron Barulich, General Manager

Raised in the industry, Aaron has worked in almost every capacity of the family business, from the warehouse and trucks to sales and purchasing. After spending the past nine years managing the company’s military and export sales, Aaron is now responsible for ensuring the various departments at BiRite function as one and that BiRite’s dedication to great customer service and outstanding products are delivered on a day-to-day basis.

Nathan Barulich

Nathan Barulich, Vice President of Operations

Nathan has worked on the operational side of the family business for over 13 years and consistently strives to achieve the perfect balance between superior customer service and optimal efficiency. Nathan has developed a driven and dedicated operational team that gives BiRite a competitive edge for continued success and growth.

Michael Pendergast

Michael Pendergast, Vice President of Sales

Michael has over 30 years of foodservice distribution experience. Michael began as a fully commissioned salesman, and has since worked at all levels of sales and executive management in the industry. Michael oversees a highly trained, professional sales force that makes BiRite Foodservice Northern California’s distributor of choice.

Zack Barulich

Zack Barulich, Chief Financial Officer

Starting at an early age, Zack began his career at BiRite as a warehouse worker. After completing his masters in Finance and Accounting, and obtaining his public accounting license, Zack gained outside experience as a Senior Auditor at Shea Labagh Dobberstein in San Francisco. Returning to BiRite in 2009, Zack worked as the Assistant to the Director of Finance and was most recently promoted to Chief Financial Officer (2013). Zack’s extensive education and experience allow him to successfully oversee BiRite’s finances.

Tom Whiteside

Tom Whiteside – Vice President of Purchasing

With over 27 years in the industry, Tom’s experience is multi-faceted in purchasing, merchandising and category management. Tom’s “win-win” negotiation style is beneficial for BiRite, its suppliers, and most importantly, BiRite’s customers. Overseeing a staff of 15 purchasing agents and administrative support personnel, Tom’s leadership motivates and energizes the organization toward the execution of a shared vision.