At BiRite Foodservice Distributors, we are committed to providing our customers the highest quality of service while maintaining a proactive approach to sustainability and social responsibilities.

All trailers and tractors are less than 3 years old, 50% less than 2 years. Additionally, all transportation equipment is powered by a B20 blend of BioDiesel to conserve oil.

In 2012, BiRite replaced all of the warehouse lighting with energy efficient LED motion-sensor lights. The electrical reductions have provided the same benefit of planting over 100 acres of trees.*

In 2013, our produce company, A&B Produce, teamed up with Cropmobster to find local farmers who have interest in using spoiled produce to compost on their farm. Today, we’re proud to say many farmers utilize this service and our spoils are making fresh soil!

Each year, BiRite organizes an employee electronic waste collection event to help clean the environment and to safely dispose of unwanted electronic waste.

BiRite Green Guide
Refer to BiRite’s Green Guide for a listing of environmentally-friendly stocked items.


*Data provided by Environmental Impact Report According to the Environmental Protection Agency