BiRite accepts manufacturer rebates on our stocked products! Extend your savings, and take advantage of the deals. For an updated listing of manufacturer rebates, check our list below. 

04/15/20-12/31/20Wild Alaska RebateTrident
05/25/20-07/26/20Smithfield Flavor ‘Que PromoSmithfield
05/1/20-08/31/20Veggie RebateKelloggs
05/1/20 – 03/31/21Together RebateAjinomoto Windsor
06/1/20-11/30/20Cereal Cup Assorted Pack RebateGeneral Mills
06/1/20-08/31/20$10 Per Case Pillsbury Mixes RebateGeneral Mills
06/1/20-11/30/20$2 Per Case Yoplait Single Serve RebateGeneral Mills
06/1/20-11/30/20Nature Valley Bar RebateGeneral Mills
07/1/20-12/31/20Together We Flavor RebateMcCormick
06/1/20-10/31/20Clam Chowder RebateSea Watch
07/1/20-09/30/20Sweet Rewards RebateLyons
06/1/20-08/31/20Open for Business RebateNestle
05/1/20-11/1/20Chef-mate Better With RebateNestle
07/1/20-12/31/20Speed-Scratch RebateNestle
05/1/20-07/31/20Save Up to $500 Rebate Conagra
06/28/20-11/28/20Smithfield Culinary Operator RebateSmithfield