At BiRite, we take every opportunity to improve our operation while positively affecting our environmental impact. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of service while maintaining a proactive approach to social responsibility and sustainability. Our company feels that protecting the environment is an extension of our commitment to the community, and the greater world. 

We maintain strict policies on all equipment, trailers, tractors, and transportation equipment. All trailers and tractors are less than 4 years old, with over 50% being under 3 years old. All of our transport equipment utilizes state-of-the-art B20 blend of BioDiesel to conserve oil.

Another way we protect the environment is by keeping our warehouses electrically self-sufficient via solar panels. (info on solar panels here). We maintain efficiency through an initiative we started over 7 years ago, utilizing energy efficient LED motion sensor lights. The result of the initiative was a comparative planetary benefit of planting about 100 acres of trees (according to EPA data).

We also coordinate employee electronic waste collection in order to safely dispose of unwanted or broken electronic waste. BiRite is continually evaluating our sustainability efforts and we take our position as an industry leader seriously. 

BiRite Green Guide

Furthermore, in addition to the steps BiRite takes, we have also put together a Green Guide, to give our customers the opportunity to hand-pick environmentally friendly items. You can access the BiRite Green Guide here.